Sustainability and the Virtual Circle


Striving to be totally self-sustaining. Valley View Farm - Sunny and Faith

At Valley View Farm, we strive to strike a balance between care of our horses with care of the land. In our efforts to be completely self-sustaining, we embrace the full circle that unites all aspect of sustainability. We call this approach the Virtual Circle.

The Virtual Circle Approach means we examine every facet of our farm operations to ensure they intersect, interact and mutually support each other to create a totally integrated and self-sustaining farm. 

Why? Because it protects our land, air and water. It’s healthier for the horses. And, surprisingly, it’s actually simpler.  We think that’s smart business.   

Composting Valley View Farm - Composter

All manure is composted onsite using an advanced aerobic composting system developed by O2Compost, a leader in compost systems and training.  We use O2Compost’s Aerated Static Pile (ASP) Method of composting at Valley View Farm.  This approach has several important advantages over traditional composting. 

  • It’s simple, reliable and cost-effective.
  • The ASP method requires no turning and shortens the decomposition process to a mere 30 days.
  • It eliminated the likelihood of pathogens or weed seeds entering the compost, which means it can be put right back on the fields.   
  • The approach also provides active fly management through the use of both fly predators and mechanical capture methods. 

Fly Control

We employ active fly management through the use of Fly Predators and mechanical capture methods.

Hay Production and Maintenance Valley View Farm - Maintenance Barn Valley View Farm - Hay Barn

All hay used at Valley View Farm is grown and harvested onsite or at farms owned by farm management. 

The Maintenance Shop is designed to completely support all aspects of the Virtual Cycle, and maintenance crew members are trained and regularly updated on tools and techniques that support the program.  

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